activities & fun

sports & adventure

Port Elizabeth offers a wide variety...of different sports, from watersports to sandboarding on the huge sand dunes near the city. Hiking and cycling are available, the beachfront is perfect for a run, and bungee jumping or skydiving can be arranged. Other sports include golf, sailing, tennis, gym, kayaking and many more.

wildlife, nature & parks

Port Elizabeth is really close to some national parks and to a number of private nature reserves in the area. bli works with some local tour operators, making it really easy to book some excellent trips, safaris or other adventures to see African wildlife and more...

city & surrounds

Port Elizabeth, also known locally as PE, is a friendly city on the warm Indian Ocean in the Eastern Cape Province, and one of the largest cities in South Africa. There are a few popular places where you can enjoy yourself socialising while you learn something about the country and its culture. There is a variety of restaurants, bars and clubs not too far from the school. Find more...