Bay Language Institute

is exactly that -a language institute. Our primary focus is on the English language, with growing demand for skills in English communication in business, leisure and aviation making excellent tuition essential. At the school we offer various English programmes, including English teacher training (TEFL), and English and Activity combinations. In addition, we also offer English and other language courses to locals on a part and full-time basis. Our core focus is on communication; our objective is for every student to leave the school confident in their ability to communicate at whatever level they have attained.

Our small classes, excellent teachers and communicative and experiential methodology make us successful. All students are encouraged to participate in the classroom activities, creating situations in which all feel confident and relaxed, and making sure that everyone has the opportunity to maximise their learning. We teach in a relaxed, caring atmosphere. We encourage our students to get out and explore the city and area so that they have to use their language skills in practice. We know our courses work. Try one.

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