Bay Language Institute offers a wide variety of English courses, ranging from General English to more specialised fields such as English for Aviation. If you are actually interested in another course, select one of these options: Portuguese, Spanish, German or isiXhosa, go to TEFL Training Teachers or book Bildungsurlaub.

General & Business Courses

Our general course, consisting of 20 lessons a week, focuses on everyday usage, reading, writing, speaking and listening, and also the grammar needed to improve communication. Practical, affordable and fun.

General English PLUS is a great combination of General English with 10 afternoon lessons focusing on conversation, pronunciation and remedial error correction, for a more intensive learning experience.

Business English combines practical General English in the morning with 10 lessons focusing on business communication skills and vocabulary in the afternoons. It includes presentation skills, managing meetings, business correspondence at all levels, and corporate dialogue.


Course Lessons/week Minimum weeks Rate/week
General English 20 x 50 minute 2 € 180
General English Plus (Intensive English) 30 x 50 minute 2 € 240
General English Plus special offer! Book 4 weeks and get: a free sandboarding trip or 1 week’s worth of afternoon classes (10 group lessons)   4  
General English Plus special offer! Book 8 weeks and get: a free surfing course (incl. 5 hours &equipment) or a swimming course   8  
General English Plus special offer! Book 12 weeks and get: a free daytrip to Addo National Park   12  
Business English 20 x 50 minute lessons of General English per week and
10 x 50 minute lessons of Business English per week
2 € 250

General Information

  • Maximum 8 students per class
  • Classes run Monday- Friday, 9- 12.40 and afternoon classes from 13.30- 15.10
  • one lesson is equal to 50 minutes

Private Tuition

Book as many private lessons as you need for a focused, intensive learning experience.


Course Lessons/week Minimum weeks Rate/lesson
Private lessons (may also be added to standard courses) 1 to 10 2 € 30
Private 10 plus (may also be added to standard courses) 10 + 2 € 25

General Information

  • 1 student per class
  • one lesson is equal to 50 minutes

Long Stay

Stay longer, learn more, pay less. These courses are designed for students wanting a longer, effective study experience, or who need to improve their English for study at a South African university. They can be combined with exam preparation courses, thus creating the opportunity to apply for enrolment at English language universities all over the world. Long Stay versions of all courses are available at great, discounted rates.


Course Lessons/week Minimum weeks Rate/week
Long Stay English 20 9 - 24 € 145
Long Stay English 20 25 - 32 € 140
Long Stay English 20 33 + € 135
Long Stay English Plus 20 +10 9-24 weeks € 200
Long Stay English Plus 20 +10 25-32 weeks € 180
Long Stay English Plus 20 +10 33 + € 170

General Information

  • Maximum 8 students per class
  • Classes run Monday- Friday, 9- 12.40 and afternoon classes from 13.30- 15.10
  • one lesson is equal to 50 minutes

Combine your english course with a volunteering programme – different options are available. Find more information in our download area.

Human dignity centre
The HDC is an orphanage without walls to ensure that orphans and vulnerable children in Gqebera are properly cared for in private homes in the community. Families and neighbours are providing the basic care, and we are just checking on this care and meeting the needs of the family as best we can. Volunteers can work in the pre- or primary school, they can help with aftercare, home visits or with the administration in the office.

The centre's purpose isn't just to rescue and rehabilitate, but to also inform and educate the public through their different programs. Visitors can experience the hospital and see the volunteers in action helping to save our environment, in particular the endangered African Penguin. We desperately need more volunteers! Volunteers who work with the animals need to be 16 years old and have a passion for the environment. We have volunteer categories – a volunteer having to work their way up to the “Emperor” status and this is earned through hard work, dedication and the amount of hours accumulated.

Shamwari Conservation Experience
Participants are exposed to short and long-term projects which are intended to create sustainability for generations to come. Tasks may vary from physical work to interesting and interactive lecture based content. There are several monitoring projects which assist in capturing vital information used in the research and management of all species on reserve. The experience is diverse and structured, yet not prescheduled as result of the nature of working in and around wildlife and a reliance on prevailing conditions.

Khaya Big Five South Africa
This Big Five Safari Reserve is a unique conservation initiative that allows animals to be reintroduced to the area where they once roamed freely and so making a contribution to the conservation of our natural heritage. The challenge has been to re-establish the original flora and fauna species to the area and to return the land to nature. The volunteers will work together with the game ranger who is responsible for all their activities. Volunteers assist in a variety of tasks and activities all related in running a safari reserve and maintaining infrastructure, well-kept animals and any initiatives relating to this reserve.

Khaya Cheetah Project
The conservation and rehabilitation project is located close to the Baviaanskloof Mega Reserve, which is a huge nature reserve situated in the Eastern Cape, South Africa with world heritage status. Currently they have three hand raised adult Cheetahs in their care and several cheetahs have been successfully released into the wild again. Work on the Reserve is diverse, and therefore daily activities vary, but volunteers may be assured of a close and personal experience with the African Bush, and some of its wildlife.

Khaya Orphanage Help
Mama Gladys founded The Door of Hope Orphanage in 1999. Nowadays she has her own place in Port Elizabeth where she provides a home and place of safety to 38 children. The orphanage solely depends on donations and thanks to previous volunteers and their networks they have already been able to plant some vegetable gardens. Now they can provide their own food - a major development. This project is challenging since you will be responsible for around 38 children who all want some of your attention. But you are offered an amazing opportunity; you get to know about their culture and daily life.

Khaya Izizwe Project
The project is located in Walmer which is different from other townships because of its location. The focus of the Izizwe Projects are the community and especially the children of Walmer township. Poverty, child neglect, alcohol abuse, HIV/AIDS and a high unemployment rate are some of the many challenges this community faces on a day-to-day basis. The project consists of several programs all run and supervised by the Izizwe Volunteer Coordinator. The diversity of possibilities creates an opportunity for volunteers to suggest preferences for age groups and specific personal interest to be involved in.

Khaya Missionvale Community Project
Missionvale Care Centre is a non-profit organization committed to providing quality care and support to improve the life of the people of Missionvale through love, consultation, participation and self-development. They respond to the many needs of the people in the circumstances in which they live in a variety of ways. Our Volunteer Coordinator, who will be picking you up, shows you around and prepares your work activities with the projects before you start, supervises during your stay and evaluates after you leave. They will transfer you to and from the project, make sure the shopping is done and organize fun outings for the weekends.

The calabash volunteer programme form a vital part of our commitment to make tourism work for local communities by facilitating skills transfer and knowledge share. Through our trusted partnerships with local communities, schools and NGOs we identified community needs and match them with skilled volunteers from all over the world. Our placements range from home based HIV/AIDS care to primary and secondary school education in the townships of Nelson Mandela Bay.

Sun, Sea, Safari and English combinations

Make the most of our great outdoor location and weather, combine your English course with one or more of our add-on leisure products and add value while practicing your English!

Diving – get your open-water or advanced diving qualification, explore our spectacular reefs and marine life and improve your English - all in our stunning Indian Ocean bay, and with English lessons every morning. On offer: Open Water and Advanced courses, afternoons, evenings and weekends.

Golf – South Africa is a prime golfing destination, offering excellent golf courses. Port Elizabeth is no exception, and the scenic Humewood Golf Links is just around the corner - ideal for beginners and advanced players, and with English lessons every morning. The German “Platzreife” is also available. Golf lessons are conducted in English, during the afternoons and on weekends.

Surfing – learn to ride the waves. Discover the magic of surfing in Mandela Bay, enjoy our great waves and excellent beaches, with English lessons every morning. And, with our great location, it’s really easy to head for famous surf-spots such as Jeffrey’s Bay for the weekend – or to less well-known, but equally exciting, Sunshine and Wild Coast beaches.


Leisure Add-on Options Lessons / Units Minimum English Level Euro rate/course/lesson
Surfing lessons 1 hour Elementary € 25
Surfing lessons package 5 x 1 hours Elementary € 100
Diving, Open Water course full course Elementary € 400
Dive packages 5 dives Elementary € 200
Golf lessons 5 x 0.5 hours Elementary € 95
Golf lessons 10 x 0.5 hours Elementary € 150
Golf, "German Platzreife" 10 plus test Elementary € 270

Please contact us for booking.

General Information

  • Maximum 8 students per class
  • Classes run Monday- Friday, 9- 12.40 and activities will be in the afternoon, evening and on the weekend
  • one lesson is equal to 50 minutes

English for Aviation

All in one training for pilots at BLI, the school is ideally located to provide ICAO standard English tuition for future pilots and ATCs. With some five flying schools located near the school, bli has developed an excellent reputation for delivering results, and is the language tuition provider of choice to almost all of them. Aviation English combines General English with 10 lessons per week of intensive, focused Aviation English in the afternoons with a dedicated English tutor. This course is designed to equip both international pilots and air traffic controllers with the English communication skills necessary to comply with ICAO level 4 requirements and the communication demands of their profession.


Course Lessons/week Minimum weeks Rate/week
Aviation 20 x 50 minute lessons General English &
10 x 50 minute lessons of Aviation English
min. booking 4 week € 260
Material as required can be rented or bought at the school. Please talk to us when you register on your first day.      

General Information

  • Maximum 8 students per class
  • Classes run Monday- Friday, 9- 12.40 and afternoon classes from 13.30- 15.10
  • one lesson is equal to 50 minutes

Exam Preparation for FCE, CAE, CPE, IELTS, TOEFL

30 lessons per week, with 20 General English in the mornings and 10 focused examination preparation lessons in the afternoon, preparing students for success in their international English exams. BLI offers preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, and the Cambridge First Certificate in English and Certificate in Advanced English. Choose between 8 and 12 week Cambridge exam prep course. Exams are usually written in Cape Town, and our offer includes assistance with the application for the exam, organization of accommodation and transfers in Cape Town. Please contact us for further information.


Course Lessons/week Minimum weeks Rate
IELTS/TOEFL 20+10 4 € 250/week
Cambridge FCE/ CAE 20+10 8 € 2000/package
Cambridge FCE/CAE 20+10 12 € 3000/package

General Information

  • Maximum 8 students per class
  • Classes run Monday- Friday, 9- 12.40 and afternoon classes from 13.30- 15.10
  • one lesson is equal to 50 minutes